Hi Parents!

After operating this triage service for over 7 years, I have come to the amazing discovery that parents need more information on raising happy, healthy kids! I told you it was an amazing discovery, didn't I?! Moms and dads, remember when you first had Junior at the hospital and your L&D stay flew by like a scary yet wonderful dream? Not much instruction from the nursing staff on how to care for this new bundle-of-joy really sank in, did it? Remember those first pediatrician visits when you had this little 10-pound-wonder in your arms and you just didn't get around to asking even half of your questions? Then, you look over to the parenting books on your shelf and wonder, "Does this information REALLY apply to ME and MY child?". Well, I'd like to introduce a new source of information that will not just provide you additional information so that you can make more educated decisions on raising your child, but you'll feel like you have "parenting cheerleaders" on your side, encouraging you, reassuring you and making you laugh all along the way. Join me, Nurse Christie, and my friend, Nurse Michelle at www.healthykidcast.com where we'll talk about "everything from croup to poop!" Our weekly podcast will have you feeling good about being a parent again!

Christie Camizzi, RN

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